At present, tea has become a necessity for young people, with the change of Chinese consumers' eating habits
The proportion of more healthy and healthy yoghurt in food consumption is increasing year by year
I am Yogost, a chain of healthy yoghurt drinks
The brand has been established for three years and won the first popular brand in Shenzhen yogurt beverage industry
Many honors, such as the number one on the popular list of drinks commented by the public

Increase sales online and offline 

Through Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu, Meituan, Dianping, Mini Program stores and monthly store theme promotion activities online and offline combined to drain and lock customers, to obtain order revenue.
Make a profit from joining by oneself.
Operating income of self-owned store + comprehensive income of affiliated store (supply chain income + subscription fee).

01 Demand for healthy drinks is booming

From 2018 to 2019, the annual demand of yoghurt market in China exceeded 100 billion yuan. By the end of 2019, I was a yoghurt monarch with a total revenue of 14.56 million, an increase of 36.4% over the same period last year, a net profit of 4.49 million, and an increase of 73.6% over the same period last year. The month-on-month increase remained strong during the epidemic period, with the average monthly turnover of stores up 80.5 per cent in May 2020 compared with April 2020.

02 Internet celebrity yoghurt explodes

Shenzhen area Dianping Shenzhen yoghurt ranking TOP1 2020.

03 Organic milk source health care

Milk sources are all from Yunnan organic dairy, made of pure natural fresh milk, 0 addition, 72 hours slow fermentation of origin, yoghurt raw materials according to the required quantity of each cup of independent packaging, to ensure yoghurt quality and production standards, milk sources and products are up to halal certification standards, can be supplied to the national market, directly distributed to the store, with high-quality products to stay in the customer group, so that the store management is more assured.

04 Marketing supports a wide range of customers

For self-employed and joined stores, the headquarters will invest a large number of marketing support, such as: Douyin, Little Red Book, Dianping and other large traffic platforms, all-round help stores drain customers, quickly open the market.

Responsible for store opening training, location guidance, decoration design, publicity and promotion, brand output, supply chain support, new product research and development and material design, opening popularity building and post-marketing planning, operation manager to provide follow-up business support

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