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Bo Bo Yogurt

Eat Rice Yogurt

Did you drink "Yogost" today? Here, there is such a shop
Hot and popular items are selling constantly, and each store queues for two blocks
Classic  Location suitability design and decoration
——Create a new spatial pattern matching the site selection——

I AM YOGOST, born in Shenzhen, China, a city striving for dreams. Young consumers here not only love leisure drinks, but also pay attention to health care, so our founder turned the preference into action.

After 100 + days of milk source selection and 200 + days of research and development, we finally present healthy and delicious yogurt drinks to you. We put forward the brand concept of "chewing and drinking good yoghurt", integrating high-quality dietary fiber into fresh fermented yoghurt: we select uniform and full purple rice, stimulate the sweet and sour quality of purple rice through exclusive technology...

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  • This time, we achieved a small goal
  • 我是酸奶君丨温暖的抱抱 和你爱的人一起温暖跨年!
  • 《温暖的抱抱》拯救不开心 一起元气跨年!
  • 我是酸奶君 邀您看跨年喜剧《温暖的抱抱》与你开心跨年!
  • 和我是酸奶君一起看爆笑喜剧,一起温暖的抱抱
  • Why choose l AM YOCOST
  • 酸奶市场那么庞大,你怎么可以错过!
  • 加盟店该怎么选择好品牌?
  • 如何降低饮品加盟店开店成本?
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