HobbiesPlay rock and roll with Zimi

Highlight MomentThree-year sales of 1000000 + Cups. 

Personal Profile

The raw milk grown in natural forest pastures since childhood has been carefully taught by imported Danish strains. When he grows up, he often plays rock and roll with purple rice with a Q-bump. He is as good as him, and he became the number one star of Yogost after graduation. 

Eat Rice Yogurt

HobbiesAdd some powder in the cold winter

Highlight MomentPerennially located in the top three yogurt sales list

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Yogost winter acquaintance, strawberry warm red ignited the cold, sweet and sour taste decorated Yogost simple heart, pure juvenile heart of the small beauty, that is Berry Granules.

Berry Granules

Mango Sea

HobbiesThe Magic show of the big change

Highlight MomentThe naked eye can see the satisfaction of thick mango

Personal Profile

Appearance brings the focus of the light of the man, covered with golden afraid you ignore him, not only has the appearance of publicity, taste is the source of his confidence, a cup of mango and eat rice yoghurt perfect combination, captured many mango lovers.

HobbiesThe first innovation, tea and yogurt bold combination

Highlight MomentOne cup brings the feeling of summer

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Naturally fermented yogurt, refreshing jasmine green tea, sweet and sour strawberry fruit, and crushed smoothies, from a distance, it is only early summer, but the entrance is full of flowers in summer!

Strawberry Probiotics

HobbiesOpen your pink girl heart.  

Highlight MomentXiaoHongShu punches in a lot of young lady's love

Personal Profile

From the peach country of girls, colorful cotton candy on the head, soft glutinous dumplings on the feet, light pink in the hand, is the natural seven tricks of white peach dumpling yogurt~

White peach ball Yoghurt

Bo Bo Yogurt

Hobbies Ah Q Yogost, who goes dancing every night. 

Highlight MomentDark Yogost, black in appearance and sweet in heart

Personal Profile

After Yogost was lucky enough to dance with Bobo all night, his inspiration burst out and he was born to eat Bobo yoghurt. The darkness at the entrance and the long aftertaste formed a strong contrast, making the taste buds dance happily on the Bobo played by Q.