Shenzhen Bocheng Duoyi Catering Management Co., Ltd

I am Yogost, born in Shenzhen, China, a city striving for dreams. Young consumers here not only love leisure drinks, but also pay attention to health care, so our founder turned the preference into action.

After 100 + days of milk source selection and 200 + days of research and development, we finally present healthy and delicious yogurt drinks to you. We put forward the brand concept of "chewing and drinking good yoghurt", integrating high-quality dietary fiber into fresh fermented yoghurt: we select uniform and full purple rice, stimulate the sweet and sour of purple rice through exclusive technology, and combine it with naive and high-quality ice yoghurt to produce sour, sweet and soft glutinous rice yoghurt, which is our proud brand and deeply loved by customers pursuing healthy life.

Young consumers have been pursuing fresh, fun experience, born young I am the king of yogurt, will be popular elements and the essence of yogurt perfect combination, repeatedly convey the meaning beyond the product: young, popular, good quality, high interest. I tiktok first launched the challenge topic of Tiktok in May 2020. With the theme of "changing the tone of the" to the "Ollie", we successfully refreshed the history of the challenge platform. The topic traffic exceeded 310 million, and the topic covered 65% tiktok active users. In December 2020, I am Yogost, and I have become a joint promotion partner of the new year's film "warm hugs". With vigorous yoghurt and happy laughter, I have helped the film win 600 million box office.

I am Yogost, and it is our original intention to insist on "good yoghurt" to cultivate deeply in classics; it is our pursuit to develop and innovate in changes, and no matter how picky the young girls are, they can't resist our charm.

Corporate Vision

To be The No. 1 Brand in the National Dairy Drink Store

Brand Positioning 

The first special brand focusing on thin yogurt drinks

Brand Concept

Young, Fashionable and Healthy

Product Concept

Keep a sincere heart to yogurt drinks

Make it a part of life

High quality project team, from site selection to store opening to operation, provides all-round team output, and provides professional support for every link and step, including planning team, promotion team, operation team, R & D team and expansion team. ​

Operation Team

System operation training, including product talent, store operation management, etc.; phased new product and store management training and teaching

Planning Team

New store opening activity planning, holiday activity planning, new product launch planning, platform brand promotion and activity publicity

Investment Promotion Team

Investment and location evaluation, to solve any problems arising from the intention to join

R & D Team

Periodic research and development of market popular and innovative products